Why Ignoring Your Tarot Reading About A Guy’s Personality Can Hurt💔

Most tarot readers that I know use their tarot cards as a prevention or look out for their future.  A few years ago, I started using tarot cards to see if I should continue dating a guy or if I should run. But first, I tested the cards to see what they really meant and if what they meant was true each time. Oh my! Some of the cards I pulled I really wish I listened to.


A guy I dated awhile ago I did a reading on it really didn’t make sense. My experience was so much different from what the cards told me. We were very compatible as far as I could tell. We made each other laugh every day and feel special.  It was an eye opener for me to see how clients must feel when they get a reading and don’t think that reader is “connecting”.  I did a 4-card spread. The cards revealed him as holding back and thinking things through versus being open. That didn’t sound like him at all. We talked about everything.


The next card was really confusing (7 of Swords). It said that he was deceitful and lying, but from just the few cards I wasn’t sure what he was being deceitful about.



The 3rd card was the Emperor which means that things had to go his way.  Any direction of the relationship relied on him.


The 4th card was the most confusing even though I knew what it meant. It was the 9 of wands. This card can mean several things but when it’s a question about a person’s character, it means an injured person that cannot be helped. The pain they are enduring must be sorted out by them only. It’s also tied with fear and insecurity.


Hmmmm? I was thrown off by this. He was so reliable, happy, fun and attentive. I didn’t break it off because of the cards, I continued to see him anyway.  As we got closer and started spending more time together, he revealed that he wasn’t over the pain he experienced after his divorce. It wasn’t that he was still in love with his ex-wife, but that his “injury” caused him to blame himself and think he was not capable of maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone because he would just mess it up.

The lie was that all the time we were together, he was not his true self. He was really dealing with depression and was taking Xanax to help him cope with what he thought was a huge loss. He shared custody with his ex-wife and was overwhelmed with 4 kids secretly wanting space. He loved his kids so shame and guilt for feeling he needed space also was heavy on his psyche. He eventually just stopped talking to me out of the blue which was hurtful to me. But, I could have avoided this if I would have listened to my trust tarot.

Pain can be avoided if you pay attention to what the cards are saying and not get caught up and what you want or “giving a guy a chance”.  In the long run it can cause more headache.

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How to Know Who A Guy Is Before You Waste Your Time By Using Tarot

You can pull the cards I mention below from a Rider Waite Tarot Deck and it will work just fine without all the cards to find out about your guy. Even if you don’t know anything about tarot you can do this!

In Tarot, some minor arcana cards represent a person in your life that might pop up several times. These cards mark who they are and what they’re about.  For instance, if my question was about family and my uncle was a major part of my life, he might be shown in the cards as the King of Cups  and may show up every time I ask a question about family or about him in particular.

A card may appear reverse or upside down and change if they are upset or experiencing some type of emotional difficulty such as the King of Swords Reversed. But, typically the cards will only switch to three types of cards for one person unless they are really emotional then the cards will be all over the place.


My ex-boyfriend would always show up as the Knight of Cups or the King of Cups when things were well but when we were about to get into an argument he would either turn into the King of Cups Reversed or the King of Swords.

So, let’s find out what these cards really mean and how to identify their personalities.

In this article, I will discuss Cups, Swords and Pentacles on the levels of King, Knight and Page. They are cards in the Major Arcana that can also represent a male presence such as the Emperor, The Priest and occasionally the Justice card but I will stick to the minor Arcana. Yes, I know I left out the Wands. I didn’t want this article to be too long so I left those out.

The Cups

The King of Cups is a sweetheart when he is upright. He is loving, kind, gently and good with children. His heart is open and is willing to share his world with the people around him.  When a guy appears this way, he is a good person to their core. BUT its up to them if they want to express who they really are or not. If they suppress their emotions or refuse to show what they are really feeling they can quickly turn to the King of Cups Reversed and sometimes lash out or start petty arguments.  The King of Cups Reversed may also play the blame game because he usually does not take responsibility of his own actions.


The Knight of Cups is fickle, too sensitive and moody despite his romantic exterior.  The problem is he bounces back in forth quickly from loving to cold. It can be really confusing for his love partner who feels that his moodiness has something to do with them. The Knight of Cups Reversed is worse. This means he is self-absorb and tends to do things based on if it will benefit him in some way or another.

cups12knight of cups reversed

The Page of Cups can be immature OR playful (it depends what cards are next to it). He usually flirts and say sweet things that make your heart light up. He is not shy about expressing his feelings and it is very genuine. The Page of Cups Reversed can be brutal with his words some might say even verbally abusive. Instead of showing the best of himself, the Page of Cups Reversed shows his worst side.

cups11page of cups reversed

The Swords

The King of Swords is a thinker and analytical. He is very good decision maker and mainly because he puts aside his emotions to do what is right. However, when it comes to love, the King of Swords does not allow his emotions to be shared. He may choose to keep his real feelings to himself and if there is love in his heart he will choose to not express it until he feels it is practical. The King of Swords Reversed is controlling and sometimes will show up with the 5 of Wands which means defensive.  Once the King of Swords is Reversed things must go his way and he will argue or fight to make it happen. Even if he doesn’t use brute force, he will choose in someway to manipulate the situation almost passive aggressively.

swords14king of swords reverse

The Knight of Swords is a go-getter. Sometimes he rushes into things before making sure he gets all of the facts. The Knight of Swords also jumps to conclusions, a lot. If this card is next to the Knight of Cups then he is jumping to conclusions based off his insecurity. The Knight of Swords Reversed have anxiety issues and normally can’t “be still” to find the right path. Anxiety hurts his chances to have success in many areas not just in love. He may be indecisive and choose things that are seemingly safe versus the right thing to do.

swords12knight of swords reverse

Page of Swords fight the good fight and will go forward to do what needs to be done. This could be speaking up for himself or a lover. But unlike the Knight of Swords he thinks before leaping. The Page of Swords is good at writing thoughts out, whether it is through messages, college exams or a novel. The Page of Sword Reversed means he will miscommunicate his thoughts and have a hard time expressing what they really mean. He can also be a stalker and overly expressing his thoughts to try to be heard or accepted by the one he desires.


The Pentacles

The King of Pentacles will do what he must do to support his family. He is usually good a managing money. I’ve also seen in my experience as a tarot reader, this guy as a supervisor, manager or own his own business. He is reliable in all aspects of life. He rarely is seen without a job or some type of business to bring income. The King of Pentacles Reversed is beaten by the loss of his money or financial stability. He is at his lowest due to losing something he has worked hard for.  He might have low self-esteem and feels there is no use trying. He might choose any job over waiting to find something more suitable for his experience and skills.

pents14king of pentacles reversed

The Knight of Pentacles is a truly committed person whether it is work, friends or lover. He brings good fortune with him and feels most comfortable in long-term relationships. The problem is that he can be too stubborn and be pessimistic about his view of the world. He’s a hard worker and will see what ever task he is given to the end. The Knight of Pentacles Reversed is not interested in a committed relationship at all. He may choose to walk away from a relationship due to having enough and feels it is no longer working in his favor.

pents12knight of pentacles reversed

Page of Pentacles is looking for what is shinny and new. He may desire a trophy girl or wife that looks good over someone who has a great personality. He looks for physical aspects of a woman as far as nice clothes, great makeup and what he feels is a sexy body. The Page of Pentacles may also look for someone that he thinks have value such as a woman that makes good money. Watch out for this guy because he may see you as his possession and not an equal partner. The Page of Pentacles Reversed may not see his own worth in life. He may lose sight of his goals and become lazy not feeling as though he has to contribute to the relationship or his financial status.

pents11page of pentacles reversed

In Summary

You can get a pretty good picture of the guy you are interested in with the cards above. If any of these cards pop up in a 3 count or a 4 count tarot spread, it is possible that you can save yourself the hassle of being with a guy that will never give his all or on the bright side, feel comfortable that you bagged a good one.

You can learn how to put all of this together in a spread, and it includes the Wands,  even if you don’t know anything about tarot at all. Check out this quick video: DIY Tarot: Find Out What Type of Guy He is

How to Do a Love Ritual with 3 Tarot Cards

When I was 22 years old, I used to work at Walmart in the toy department. One of the security guards was a really tall 6′ 7 guy that I had a huge crush on for about a year and a ½. I was told that he had a girlfriend, so I never pursued. One day I just decide to go ahead and ask if he would like to hang out or chill at this local bar. He said, “Yeah.”  Then we started hanging out and I realized I really liked this guy.

Another 2 months past and we were still hanging out as friends and I decided to see if I could do a love ritual to kind of bring us closer together.

Let me explain, a love ritual is different than an actual love spell. A love ritual is sending out an invitation to someone, so they can express feelings they already have.  A love spell is almost invoking them or seducing, to sort of speak, to something they may not have considered.


I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how he really felt about me. So, I finished the ritual and then the next day around that evening he invited me to go to our favorite hangout. We had a good time. At the end of the night he told me there is something he needed to tell me.

Funny to think, but I had totally forgotten that I did the love ritual. So, he says, “Jessica, I love you.” And I looked at him like what? I was totally in shock but knew that my invitation that I sent to him was accepted.

That’s why I totally believe in love rituals but understand it only works if that person already has feelings for you. You’re just inviting them to express it. That’s all you’re doing.

How To Put Your Ritual Together

I use a lot of nature elements in my rituals such as crystals, rose petals, glass of water, sea salt, berries (cherries or cranberries). I also add sage, incense, cinnamon, candy (something sweet like honey or sugar). White, pink or red candle. White or pink piece of paper (to write down his/her first and last name and your request for meditation. Speak it out loud over your ritual). You don’t need any possessions of the person you are inviting. To make your ritual even more powerful choose to do your ritual on a new moon.


Depending on what you desire to experience with the one you love there are several tarot cards that you can add.  My favorite is the Ace of Cups which to me, is a deep love connection that is beyond the physical. Next, The Star that represents a spiritual connection and can sometimes show up in a spread when a soulmate is in one’s life. Last the two of cups which is an agreement to be together as well as having mutual romantic and love feelings for each other.


You can add the King of Cups who is nurturing and kind. Also, the King of Pentacles who takes good care of the family finances, practical and typically good at managing money.


Remember this is not a spell, just an invitation, so it may not be accepted by the person you are focused on but that’s the beauty of it. You’re just asking him/her to step up in the spirit realm and not forcing anything.


Love is magical. It is a powerful entity that no one can visually see. Sometimes it exist with no rhyme or reason – it just is. That’s why you hear people say, “love is blind”.  Because of its magical strength, you can tap into it and expand it through this ritual I have shared with you.

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I’m Not a Psychic. I’m Just a Tarot Reader. What’s difference?

The most irritating thing anyone can do to a tarot reader is assume that we know what you are thinking and feeling.  I often get ask at least twice a week, “Don’t you suppose to know that already?”


doesnt get it annoyed lady

So, let me eloquently explain the difference.

Tarot Readers need their cards to see what is going on in your life. They also have to ask client questions in order to know what to look for. It’s like when you go home, and you see your husband searching madly for something. You will ask him, “What are you looking for?” And, I’m sure he doesn’t reply, “Don’t you suppose to know that already?” Lol I mean that would be nuts.


Each tarot reader is different. For some of use, birth dates and names help to connect to clients. Some just ask simple questions like first name and what the client want them to find? It also takes TIME for a tarot reading to shuffle cards and pull a specific number of cards depending on the type of question the client ask. The most popular spread is 3 cards or 4 cards; however, there are some tarot readers that would do a relationship card which can be up to 9 cards. The celtic cross, which I personally would never pull on a phone or chat reading, is 10 cards but is so detailed it may take a lot of time to interpret.

Psychics are totally different. They usually don’t ask for birth dates or names. They can tap into your energy and find out what is going on with hardly no information at all. Some psychics may not be able to read thoughts but they can read your feelings even if you are not in the same country they are in at the time of the reading. AMAZING! The only thing is, that if you are not open or if you are shutdown it won’t be accurate.  It also won’t be accurate if the psychic is in a bad or horrible mood. Psychics are “reading” your energy which only can come by free will.


Now, there are tarot readers out there that are also psychic but it doesn’t mean they can read your mind. It just means they have the ability to pick up on your situation that has nothing to do with the cards.

The next time you go get a reading, be considerate to who you are talking to. Both tarot readers and psychics are truly talented and only can work with what you offer them, whether that is information or being open to give and receive. Just give us a little credit here will ya. 😀

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How Tarot Help With Money Issues

Yesterday a lady came to me and wanted to know about her financial situation and if her money was going to increase for 2018.  It’s a pretty popular question that I get from clients. What most people don’t know about tarot is that you have to be in action in order for a possible increase of income to happen in the first place. What I mean when I say “in action” is that, you must be applying for a new job or take an opportunity for a higher position at your current job. You can also choose to get more training such as at a continuing education program. Taking these actions will allow a tarot reader to see what your future holds and if it will be in your favor.


When a client has a money issue and is in action the tarot cards will show play by play what is about to happen such as when they will get a call for an interview, when they will get hired, when they will start working and even when they will receive their first pay check. The tarot cards will show if it is an increase of money in your life and if it will be consistent or long term increase.


There are times when someone will get a nice tax return, inheritance, unexpected money from someone that owed them money but a reader can tell the difference between spontaneous increase in money or something that will keep flowing such as business success.

Usually, the Ace of Pentacles will represent long term income (depending on where it lands in the spread you are using).  10 of Pentacles can indicate inheritance or money given from a close friend or family member. 3 of Pentacles can be from a job or a bonus from work.

The Magician reversed or upside down can mean that you will need more training or education. 9 of Pentacles reversed can mean can mean that you feel you don’t have enough knowledge of a business or job position.  This could be more about lack of confidence than really needing to know more. However, doing more research online or at the library on what you wish to do usually fix this issue.


Tarot is a powerful tool for helping with financial issues. It can be a compass for you as you go out in the word to try something new or have a desire to fix or increase you money situation. Getting in action first will ensure what you really want will happen and soon. Looking for more money in 2018? Then it’s best that you start signing applications, get the training you need or apply for a level up position at your job.

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