An Alchemy Formula: Have you ever caught yourself saying…I need…I need? Well stop it. Because by believing you need you are vibrating on the level of needing and will continue to need. It starts by being grateful for what you already have because your mind has been tricked either by some sort of advertisement or media display or through another person that you can’t have something because you don’t have enough money, not smart enough, strong enough…whatever. So your mind is stuck on that. Your perception is stuck on I need and I can’t have it. Being grateful allows your mind to accept that you do not need. You have! It’s an energy. Actual Formula here: Be Grateful (List things you are grateful for) + (change your words) “I have everything I need” (Look around your home and recognize it) = Never without the things you need. (It quantifies it through your gratitude and recognition of that you have everything!) ~Thoughts are things~ Tiphanie Jamison Vanderlugt #spiritualsuccess



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