As I judge myself I recruit people that agree with my inner judgment creating an enemy. Although it is a reflection of myself it is familiar and I battle with it. I also blame them for the things they have done to me even though I have opened the door and allowed them in to savage my world. I negotiate with them and begin making myself feel bad that I want to leave them. I make a story that I am too judgmental of them. In the meantime they have stepped further into hate by telling everyone the opposite of who I feel I really am. Lies – my fear. I am tired of it and I go inside myself. I realized what I have done and walk away with no judgment upon myself. I close all doors to those who I let look down on me. I stop judging myself entirely and repair my world that was damaged. New friends arrive that are light and full of love. It was a new experience and one that I now enjoy. A better reflection of who I really am. ~ Jessica Brown #spiritualsuccess



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