There are 5 Ways to get noticed for sure this Valentine’s Day. No, this isn’t a love spell even though I know a few that really work. 

I teach in my relationship class how to play hard to get. I also coach clients on how to step back and allow the man to lead. The BIGGEST issue most women have is lack of patience!!! They refuse to wait 3 weeks or even a week to allow the guy to initiate. Some also say, “Well, I don’t want to play games.”  In reality it is not necessary a game, but allowing the man to be the “man” which in modern times women seem to lack because we are so independent.

If you are talking to a guy at least once a week or on dating status the list BELOW will work for you.

Here are 5 ways to get this guy interested, but YOU have to follow EVERY STEP.

1. GET PROOF THROUGH HIS ACTIONS – Stop chasing and allow him to call, text or speak to you face to face. Also don’t be so eager to respond to his text or calls right away! Give it 20 minutes or so before you reply. This keeps him guessing. (Also helps with your confidence for the next steps.)

2. BE HONEST TO YOURSELF – Do you really want this guy or are you settling? Make sure you are not just seeking attention because that will not go very far. Decide if you want a relationship or simply a loving person to hang out with. Don’t judge yourself.

3. SPEAK UP! – Women often have ‘side chick’ status with men for months and sometimes years because they are afraid to tell the guy what they want and stick to it. They rather be delusional than face whatever truth that may arrive. YOU ARE WORTH BETTER. Let the guy know you are interested in him and that YOU want to hang out, get to know him better, date or want a relationship. If he does not feel the same PLEASE find strength to move on. There are so many single good men out there. Don’t settle.

4. LET GO! – Once he knows you have interest let go. It’s time for him to contact you more and ask you out. It is time for him to make his move. Know that if he doesn’t contact you, there may be some factors OTHER than he is not interested – he might have someone else, he maybe recovering from past hurt or his work keeps him very busy. If these are the issues then he is not ready at this time for any type of relationship. Don’t take it personally.

5. BE PREPARED! – Never count all your eggs before they hatch! This means be prepared for a “no” response or no contact at all. Have a back up plan! Let me repeat that. HAVE A BACK UP PLAN! Have a few guys in mind for your Valentine’s night.  Even if you don’t have anyone else that you have an interest in, plan something for yourself. Self – love and recognition is powerful for confidence. Buy yourself a loving card, flowers, chocolate and/or balloons. Plan on cooking yourself your favorite meal with candles. No..this is not sad or indication of insecurity. It is actually the very opposite. No matter what happens, you have a romantic date coming this Valentine’s Day!!

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