Most tarot readers that I know use their tarot cards as a prevention or look out for their future.  A few years ago, I started using tarot cards to see if I should continue dating a guy or if I should run. But first, I tested the cards to see what they really meant and if what they meant was true each time. Oh my! Some of the cards I pulled I really wish I listened to.


A guy I dated awhile ago I did a reading on it really didn’t make sense. My experience was so much different from what the cards told me. We were very compatible as far as I could tell. We made each other laugh every day and feel special.  It was an eye opener for me to see how clients must feel when they get a reading and don’t think that reader is “connecting”.  I did a 4-card spread. The cards revealed him as holding back and thinking things through versus being open. That didn’t sound like him at all. We talked about everything.


The next card was really confusing (7 of Swords). It said that he was deceitful and lying, but from just the few cards I wasn’t sure what he was being deceitful about.



The 3rd card was the Emperor which means that things had to go his way.  Any direction of the relationship relied on him.


The 4th card was the most confusing even though I knew what it meant. It was the 9 of wands. This card can mean several things but when it’s a question about a person’s character, it means an injured person that cannot be helped. The pain they are enduring must be sorted out by them only. It’s also tied with fear and insecurity.


Hmmmm? I was thrown off by this. He was so reliable, happy, fun and attentive. I didn’t break it off because of the cards, I continued to see him anyway.  As we got closer and started spending more time together, he revealed that he wasn’t over the pain he experienced after his divorce. It wasn’t that he was still in love with his ex-wife, but that his “injury” caused him to blame himself and think he was not capable of maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone because he would just mess it up.

The lie was that all the time we were together, he was not his true self. He was really dealing with depression and was taking Xanax to help him cope with what he thought was a huge loss. He shared custody with his ex-wife and was overwhelmed with 4 kids secretly wanting space. He loved his kids so shame and guilt for feeling he needed space also was heavy on his psyche. He eventually just stopped talking to me out of the blue which was hurtful to me. But, I could have avoided this if I would have listened to my trust tarot.

Pain can be avoided if you pay attention to what the cards are saying and not get caught up and what you want or “giving a guy a chance”.  In the long run it can cause more headache.

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