Get a FREE Video Reading- Part 3 Angie

My 3rd Video Reading for this week is for the lovely Angie. And, I managed to spell ‘message’ right. lol Anywho, I’m having such a good time doing these readings. Who’s down for next week?

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Get a FREE Video Reading – Part 2 Candee

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This is typically how I do my readings for my clients and you can get a free video reading, too by commenting below. I only pick people per week.

One question per person.

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Get a FREE Video Reading – Part 1 Lee

I’m excited to show off my first video reading. Really down to earth no fluff, no makeup…lol. I just want it to be as real as possible. For this reading I did a 3 card spread and you can see how I’m shuffling in all that. I didn’t put out my candle, water or crystals…because I’m use to what it should feel like when I have a connection. But, on days that I’m having a hard time “seeing” I will put out the tools. 🙂 ENJOY. Want a message from the Universe? Register Here:

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The Frustration of Finding a Gift

Yesterday, I went Christmas shopping for the most grumpy and picky person ever, my boyfriend.
No matter what I pick out he doesn’t like it. I even tried taking him with me to pick out an outfit or shoes for him and he didn’t like anything in any of the stores.
Frustrated, I thought about just putting some cash in a Christmas Card. lol.
I mean seriously. I’m so tired of trying to find the right present for this guy.
Christmas is suppose to be about the thought in the gift not the gift itself, but no one gave him THAT memo.
Regardless, I still love him and want to give him ….something.
Have any of you experience this?
UGH!! So, very very reluctantly I picked a gift card, but I felt really bad. Like, what type of girlfriend am I to just give a gift card every year?
It just feels so tacky. Then, I thought, “What if the gift card has true meaning?” – Not like a gift card for shoes or jewelry but a card that will give them something valuable FOR LIFE.
If you have someone, like I do, that is extremely hard to buy for or they have everything already, give them a tarot reading gift card.
You will be handing them love, freedom, clarity, power, contentment and happiness which is all possible from a surprisingly accurate tarot reading from me.
Although, I didn’t give my boyfriend a tarot gift card. I made a few coupons for him and one was for a free reading from me.
Sometimes the best gifts are straight from the heart.
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