I Know I am an Empath

Poem: I know I’m an empath.

I know I’m an empath with meeting someone once
I wake up and dream there personal feelings
It’s more than just a hunch
From beginning to end
It’s creepy; the energy haunts
I am them
I have their depression, sadness, fears and hate
There is no doubt.
I am alone with them and it is only I that can relate

I know I’m an empath
It’s no longer jaded
What I thought was mine was someone else struggle
Or things I thought I hated
You might say its sympathy pains
But its more like empathy pains
If not monitored can drive you mentally and emotionally insane

I know I’m an empath
Thank God I finally know
I’m not the weirdo I thought I was
Now, I just go with the flow

I’m precious like a rare diamond
I’m powerful like an Excalibur; Tuned to a vibration

I am a gift; A seed that sprouted
You might be too, embrace this don’t ever doubt it!
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