Get What You Need First…

ll I know is….if you are not at peace and joy within yourself, what is the use of asking someone else to do better in anyway when you are anchored down? I can never say to anyone, you need to do better while I’m still struggling with my own yuck. It was the gorgeous Jada Pinkett Smith that said, “The first thing I need to do in the morning is get me right. Meditate. Make sure I’m clear and at peace before I start my day. Or otherwise I will start pointing fingers at my daughter or my husband and say, ‘This is your fault. You are to blame.’ I have to be clear and take care of my needs before I can go help anyone else with there’s.”

I was always able to look inside my soul and grab some truth. Every single time there was a problem, it was me that created it. Somehow or someway….I decided I wasn’t good enough. My value was way too low and I accepted a behavior in myself that sabotaged relationships, goals, career choices and my living space.

Get real with yourself.

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Are You Spiritually Connected to Money?

Even though I teach money can be a great tool, I think many of my students lose sight of the foundation of it all. Being spiritually connected to money means being grateful for what you have so that you are able to stay in the present and enjoy it. Gratitude is everything.

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Grateful - Oprah

Be Strong and Keep Going!

On your powerful spiritual journey they are always confirmations, but sometimes it is not the way you expect it. As you rise you may find contrast, jealousy and negative words. This doesn’t mean walk away from your passion. Gain your strength and courage back by understanding where this other person is coming from. #spiritualsuccess


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