I’m Not a Psychic. I’m Just a Tarot Reader. What’s difference?

The most irritating thing anyone can do to a tarot reader is assume that we know what you are thinking and feeling.  I often get ask at least twice a week, “Don’t you suppose to know that already?”


doesnt get it annoyed lady

So, let me eloquently explain the difference.

Tarot Readers need their cards to see what is going on in your life. They also have to ask client questions in order to know what to look for. It’s like when you go home, and you see your husband searching madly for something. You will ask him, “What are you looking for?” And, I’m sure he doesn’t reply, “Don’t you suppose to know that already?” Lol I mean that would be nuts.


Each tarot reader is different. For some of use, birth dates and names help to connect to clients. Some just ask simple questions like first name and what the client want them to find? It also takes TIME for a tarot reading to shuffle cards and pull a specific number of cards depending on the type of question the client ask. The most popular spread is 3 cards or 4 cards; however, there are some tarot readers that would do a relationship card which can be up to 9 cards. The celtic cross, which I personally would never pull on a phone or chat reading, is 10 cards but is so detailed it may take a lot of time to interpret.

Psychics are totally different. They usually don’t ask for birth dates or names. They can tap into your energy and find out what is going on with hardly no information at all. Some psychics may not be able to read thoughts but they can read your feelings even if you are not in the same country they are in at the time of the reading. AMAZING! The only thing is, that if you are not open or if you are shutdown it won’t be accurate.  It also won’t be accurate if the psychic is in a bad or horrible mood. Psychics are “reading” your energy which only can come by free will.


Now, there are tarot readers out there that are also psychic but it doesn’t mean they can read your mind. It just means they have the ability to pick up on your situation that has nothing to do with the cards.

The next time you go get a reading, be considerate to who you are talking to. Both tarot readers and psychics are truly talented and only can work with what you offer them, whether that is information or being open to give and receive. Just give us a little credit here will ya. 😀

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I was raped, molested, beaten, abandoned and still I RISE!

I was born in the late 1970’s. I had two older sisters. My mom was a single mom. There were many rules and perceptions of life that my mom had (no judgment just facts) so we suffered all types of poverty such as living in my mom’s car, going from shelter to shelter, living in strangers homes and eating out of garbage cans. My mom was miserable. She hated men and she taught us to hate men too.


She would often leave me with my older sister who was a child molester, physically, emotionally and mentally abusive to me. In my mom’s mind she was desperate and I was the sacrifice she felt she had to make in order to survive. She would take off for months for some job in another city. Now, that I’m older I don’t believe for a second she didn’t know.

As a teenager I was very awkward, I never fit in. It was the beginning stages of being an empath. But, I had no one to shape me, who recognized it and helped me so I was odd, weird and an outcast all through my public education. Going to school was emotionally painful. I didn’t know that what I was feeling wasn’t my emotions but a mash of hundreds of other people. I didn’t figure that out until I became almost hospitalized in my 30’s from a nervous breakdown. It took a person that was also an empath and psychic to tell me of my gifts.

I was already doing tarot readings at that time. I just thought I was good at it and didn’t think there was nothing special about it. I was drawn to cards like I have never been drawn to anything in my life. I would study them over and over again. All night…all day for years.

When I was told I was an empath and she named all the things I was experiencing I cried. She also revealed my other gifts and the ones I hidden as a child. It was a huge relief. I wasn’t broken or a mistake God made.

I tried so hard to fit in as a human. You know that type of person; the one that gets good grades, popular or at least a few good friends growing up, go straight to college, get a good job, get married and have beautiful babies. Yeah, well none of that happened to me. I was rapped at 17, got pregnant at 19 but was pushed to have an abortion. I vowed to go to college….but I dropped out before my 2nd year. To avoid people, I soon went to college online and got two degrees. I was 9 months pregnant at 28 years old and right before my last two classes, I pushed through it anyway.

Then, I realized my failures were not because I wasn’t smart or lazy…something else was going on with me.


So, when I received more information about my abilities and who I really was, it made me more powerful. I then knew how to protect myself, that not being around people is ok sometimes because it just gets too overwhelming and I don’t expect other people to get it. I don’t expect even my abusive family to support or love me. To them I’m a witch. To them I do voodoo and cast spells – all because I do tarot readings. lol

I was outcast from my family too and threatened. Oh my gosh it hurt so bad. I hated myself for the longest. To have no one, is the most painful experience ever. You know what? The most supporting and loving people I have ever “met” were strangers I speak to everyday online. I grew a sister bond with one for 7 years and we never seen face to face.

Anywho…through years of not feeling worth more than shit scrapped off of someone shoes, I didn’t create good things for myself. I gained weight, my hair fell out, myself and my daughter were in and out of shelters and also lived with family that hated my guts.

Now I’m in my 40’s. I create from a magical place of forgiveness.. I also forgive myself. I stand in my greatness. That part is there when you let go of all that other crap. To have what you desire, you must first believe like you’ve never believed before that you are worth it. You must believe like your life depends on it. You must let go of all your pain and suffering. You must love yourself regardless of being molested, rape, outcast, beaten or emotionally destroyed. Use that pain and change it to triumph. Use that same depression, sadness and feelings of abandonment and rise! Use it and get the best revenge ever! Use your natural alchemy abilities to switch the shit out of your emotional heaviness and create from a place of deserving! You’ve been through enough! You don’t need not one more day of pain or suffering. You don’t need to be beaten again. STAND for yourself. The Universe Listens and the Universe Responds.


“From the depth of every tragedy RISES a powerful being like the fire of the unfed flame that radiates from the phoenix!”

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