I’m Not a Psychic. I’m Just a Tarot Reader. What’s difference?

The most irritating thing anyone can do to a tarot reader is assume that we know what you are thinking and feeling.  I often get ask at least twice a week, “Don’t you suppose to know that already?”


doesnt get it annoyed lady

So, let me eloquently explain the difference.

Tarot Readers need their cards to see what is going on in your life. They also have to ask client questions in order to know what to look for. It’s like when you go home, and you see your husband searching madly for something. You will ask him, “What are you looking for?” And, I’m sure he doesn’t reply, “Don’t you suppose to know that already?” Lol I mean that would be nuts.


Each tarot reader is different. For some of use, birth dates and names help to connect to clients. Some just ask simple questions like first name and what the client want them to find? It also takes TIME for a tarot reading to shuffle cards and pull a specific number of cards depending on the type of question the client ask. The most popular spread is 3 cards or 4 cards; however, there are some tarot readers that would do a relationship card which can be up to 9 cards. The celtic cross, which I personally would never pull on a phone or chat reading, is 10 cards but is so detailed it may take a lot of time to interpret.

Psychics are totally different. They usually don’t ask for birth dates or names. They can tap into your energy and find out what is going on with hardly no information at all. Some psychics may not be able to read thoughts but they can read your feelings even if you are not in the same country they are in at the time of the reading. AMAZING! The only thing is, that if you are not open or if you are shutdown it won’t be accurate.  It also won’t be accurate if the psychic is in a bad or horrible mood. Psychics are “reading” your energy which only can come by free will.


Now, there are tarot readers out there that are also psychic but it doesn’t mean they can read your mind. It just means they have the ability to pick up on your situation that has nothing to do with the cards.

The next time you go get a reading, be considerate to who you are talking to. Both tarot readers and psychics are truly talented and only can work with what you offer them, whether that is information or being open to give and receive. Just give us a little credit here will ya. 😀

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What to Do When The Guy You’re Dating Stops Talking – Through Tarot

The following is a conversation I had with a client. Yes, she gave me permission to use her situation in order to help with an unfortunately popular issue among women who are dating or dealing with their boyfriends. The names have been changed to protect their identity.

Hey Leela. How are you? – Tarot Reader

I’m hurtin’. I’m not going to lie. – Client

Why? What happened? – Tarot Reader

It’s Jacob. Everything was going great. We got so close and he just stopped communicating. Like I could feel something was wrong before he stopped cuz the way he text was not his usually loving self.  I just don’t know what to do. – Client


Have you asked him what was going on? -Tarot Reader

Yes. Well, at first, I tried to get him to talk to me over the phone or have him come over so we can discuss it face to face, but he avoided me. So, I text him and said I was triggered by him not communicating with me and I’m concerned about our distance. I told him if something came up for him and if he wants to talk to me about that I would be here for him.  He didn’t respond.

Wow. Just went ghost like that? – Tarot Reader

Yeah. I cried because it just made me feel like something was wrong with me.  Maybe, I’m a hopeful romantic and want to see something that isn’t there. He said all that sweet stuff to me. He’s the one that said “I’m all yours” several times and confessed that he truly cared for me. He was always mushy and saying sweet stuff to me all day and every day. – Client

Don’t let it get to you. Put your head up. Shake it off. You will find some one that won’t just walk away when things get tough. As far as I can see in the cards, he is dealing with some stress at home (9 of swords) or work (8 of Pentacles Reversed) and didn’t want you to know (Page of Swords Reversed). – Tarot Reader

swords098 of pentacles reversepage-of-swords-reversed

I’m trying. You told me last time I called you that he’s dealing with emotions from his ex wife (King of Cups Reversed), he’s stressed out at work. You said that he will contact me this Saturday, but why would I want someone that would just ghost me?  Not a word. Not even, “I’m sorry I can’t talk to you right now, I’m going through some things. I will get back with you when I can.” Cuz that to me would be respectful or at least considerate.  It’s not like I gave up sex to him and now he got what he wants. All we did was kiss. – Client


I get it. It seems to me you guys got really close in a short time (2 of Cups). He was able to be vulnerable with you about his feelings and probably never had that experience before (Ace of Cups). More feelings for you developed and he got scared thinking about how his ex wife had hurt him (6 of Cups Reversed and 3 of Swords). Instead of facing it he just dropped the ball (Emperor Reversed). I understand you not wanting to talk to him after he hasn’t communicated in 3 days but consider that it may be an opportunity to get some closure so when the next guy comes you won’t sabotage it with this hurt you are experiencing. – Tarot Reader

cups02aceofcups6 of cups reversedswords03

Yeah. A part of me wants to just lay some rules down and then try again slowly. But to be honest I told him upfront that I have to have consistent communication. We both discussed that if there was a problem that we would talk to each other about it first before it festers. It’s like that entire week of deep conversation was a waste of time. Like I was talking to myself. – Client

A part of you wants control. (Queen of Swords Reversed) You think if you can control the situation things will be better the next round. But the truth is, as Maya Angelou says, “People will show you who they are.  Believe them the first time.”

queen of swords reverse

If he has issues with old emotions popping up, stress in his life or any other problems, that has nothing to do with you. It’s way too early for you to have to deal with his baggage. I understand you guys got close and you want to have a relationship with him, but things that are this deep, where it causes you stop talking to someone you have feelings for, takes a long time to recover from. It may take him another year or longer.  Let me add, it also depends on how he approaches you on Saturday. For instance, if he comes to you playing like nothing happen. NO. That’s not cool. So, you might have to say your good-bye to him. But, if he comes to you and says, “Hey Leela, I really am sorry for disappearing like that. I was so stressed out and dealing with old emotions that I couldn’t even think straight. I’d like to try again, if you allow me to and discuss a possible future with you. Also, I want to make this up to you. I know I hurt you and I will do my very best never to do it again.” From what I can see in the cards, it could be either situations (Page of Cups).


Now, that’s a man that is willing and ready for change. Not the first response. The first one, is a person that is in denial and will keep stepping back when life gets too hard. – Tarot Reader

So, basically I might have to let him completely go Saturday. I understand. – Client

Well, what do you want? Like, if you can have anything you want at all from the relationship between you and Jacob what would it be? – Tarot Reader

I’d want that second response that is empathetic to how I feel. I’d want a straight up answer on what happened and why. I also would like to have a deep love connection with him in a healthy and long term relationship. I mean, I thought that is what I created originally when he showed up. There was so much chemistry and attraction it blew us both away. So, I thought ok..this is what I asked for.  – Client


Ok, If you knew right now, that this long and healthy relationship is what was going to happen between the two of you in the near future, how would you respond to him on Saturday? – Tarot Reader

I’d still address my concerns but not in a controlling way like I was thinking I would from the beginning. I’d approach him with much more kindness and nurturing because heck…we all have been triggered before. And, I personally been triggered and stressed out to the point where I stopped talking to my friends for a week. – Client

Right, and good for you for seeing this at a different angle and willing to be a nurturing guide for him while he is dealing with these ‘new emotions’.

You told me that he hasn’t been with anyone in 3 years! Just imagine, all that time, no affection, no good conversation, no nurturing, no hot woman desiring you….I mean nothing! On top of that feeling lonely and starting to feel you will never find anyone again. Then all of a sudden you meet this beautiful person inside and out. Like, you got to pinch yourself to wake up because it feels like you are dreaming. Your last relationship, although 3 years ago, was a nightmare all the way to the end. So, to your surprise this person is easy – no drama …just straight goodness. Wouldn’t you eventually be hesitant? It just pulls at your heart strings. He might need some time to adjust to such a huge contrast.


Now, I’m not saying he’s right for what he did. Yes, he could have been like, “ok..I need some time to figure out my emotions. I’ll text you when I’ve figured it out.” But, he didn’t. I’m just saying be compassionate to what is going on in another person’s life. Don’t allow this experience to turn you into someone you’re not- cold or worst, a narcissist. You’ll just end up carrying that and destroying anything that is possibly good in your future.

To end your confusion, it’s simple. Right now, concentrate on being the best of yourself – that nurturing and kind person you are. Rather he comes straight out and says he apologizes with details or he plays off like nothing happened, you must be your best. You might have to be ready to tell him that you can’t see him anymore because you deserve better and you do! You deserve a man that has already handled his “demons” or at least willing to work them all out with you.  Either way, you walk away with confidence and with your head up not in pain or regret. – Tarot Reader

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A Dream I had that Changed My life Forever!

I’m going to try to share this story and make it short. But I think it is time to tell all who will read.

About 10 years ago I had this dream. No. It was more like an experience. I could feel other people in a way that I’d never could imagine here on earth. Dare I say, I could feel their consciousness in a village that I lived in.


It was a world of bare bone poverty. A dark shadow loomed and would steal and devour children from an already dying society. I could feel the fear like burning ember in my chest. It was all there was – fear, hunger and desperateness.


Even with death knocking daily, the people of this village treated each other with such grace and respect.

To make this experience I had short…

At the very end, this bare bone society was able to rise upon the ashes, slay the shadow, rebuild their world to a civilization that we would stand in awe today AND they traveled across galaxies.

One important lesson it left me and I will never forget…

“You must learn to change your language. Your spoken words have power beyond your own understanding. If you change how you speak and think to positive and inspirational, you will reach higher spiritual awakening. Your own life will transform from what you thought would never end to a place beyond your imagination.” a spirit said.

“You can stay where you are OR you can be conscious of what you are saying to the Universe. This includes your thoughts about others. Speak with love, especially when you feel you can’t. Forgive, especially when you feel you can’t. Your world will change in an instant.” the essence whispered.

I woke up and ran to get a notebook to write that down and have been stumbling over my language ever since.

Some people that have seen me act out in disgust over acts of others would say I’m a negative person. lol

No, I’m a passionate person. But, I understand now, the energy I generated outward. Even 10 years later I struggle with this empowering message. But, I must forgive myself, right? That’s what was told.

So, 4 months ago, I began. I mean truly started to watch myself. I’m not saying I was perfect at it. Oh heck no. lol

But, I saw a HUGE difference in my life from the efforts I put in it. I was able to make leaps within myself without even looking back.

I went from being needy and dependent to having a stable income Plus extra to play with.
I am able to love my female friends without feeling that its some sexual wrongness (past sexual abuse issue).

I see more what was said to me, in action. I’m hoping it won’t take the ones who are reading this 10 years.

Let’s change our world to a thriving one starting within ourselves!

Try it for one day! See what happens.